New World Remote Viewing

Another of what the artist calls his more ‘prophetic’ canvases, New World Remote Viewing dates from around the same time as Like I Need God Art. Here however, in addition to the usual furnace leftovers - in this case restricted to a half dozen small fragments of bone - the painting also contains a large number of electrical components, namely resistors, coils and capacitors salvaged from an old TV set. These components make explicit Kieran’s poetic interest with energy and how to change, direct and release it in service of his compositions, and his project overall.

New World Remote Viewing has for many years hung in Kieran’s studio, where it has been the constant backdrop to - and inspiration for - the work he does there. There painting was begun around 1996 (although it took several more years before it was finally completed), and derives from an original drawing made a decade earlier.

While it suggests an idea of communication - Kieran has semi-ironically referred to it as his ‘internet painting’ - its slightly sinister title (shades of a Brave New World, constantly surveilled) complicates our response. All Here Lies’ canvases have a similar relation to the future, although each reveals its meaning at its own rate.

Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 203 x 140 cm

Price: POA