Welcome to the video page, where much of Here Lies' current presentation is recorded for viewing.

This page will update regularly as new material comes through. In addition to the films which record the paintings and celebrate their exhibition - including those that were broadcast items - there are interviews and other clips, captured at various times over recent months.

Forthcoming is a performance video, as Kieran and his composer-collaborator Simon McCorry revisit and rededicate the Here Lies Cantos for a whole new audience. A documentary feature is also in the works.



A fundamental component of the original Here Lies installation was sound - a counterpoint, if you like, to the absolute silence of the paintings. It comprised Kieran's performance/recording of the Here Lies Cantos, a series of spoken word pieces deriving from the titles of all the visual work made under the Here Lies banner: nor only paintings, but also drawings and photographs, especially as these were brought together in the Here Lies master catalogue.

Alongside Kieran's voice, there is composer-collaborator Simon McCorry's music for solo cello - the Here Lies Suite - and some earlier, electronic compositions, inspired by the paintings. New work is forthcoming, so don't forget to check back.