Like I Need God Art 

Around 1995 Kieran began making paintings which featured what he terms his “wound” motif - a scar or split in the surface of the work, built up from some of the thickest layers of paint the artist has ever deployed. The gap or fissure which results emphasises the physicality of the painting, an important quality for this artist. For he is explicit about addressing the individual viewer not solely through their eyes, but more inclusively through the totality of their being, which is their life - in a joint bid to intensify everyone’s appreciation of it. In relation to this objective, the artist’s desire to evoke deep human feeling has never been more nakedly, materially on show.

Rather than anything explicitly theological, this painting’s title is an echo of I Need Art Like I Need God, the Tracey Emin exhibition mounted at the South London Gallery in 1997 - although that is where the relation between the two artists begins and ends.

Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 181 x 181 cm 

Price:  POA