Immortality Physics

A major canvas that clearly evokes Kieran’s passion for the work of his Here Lies project, and his wish that the thinking behind it be broadcast as widely as possible. There is something in its very graphic design that suggests a beacon or transmitter, amplifying the paintings’ ‘hum’ and sending it out across the world. In this sense, Immortality Physics may be seen as a precursor to the more recently completed The Spirit In The Mass, which uses a concentric circles motif to articulate the same basic idea.

Out of all the Here Lies paintings, Immortality Physics is the only one where Kieran establishes a more-or-less traditional pictorial space: the illusion of depth behind the radiating central figure, and its suggestion of a world beyond. In almost every other painting, Kieran deliberately eschews this device, choosing instead to emphasise the this-worldness of his work, its presence and compelling tactility.

Amongst other things, the title is an ironic reference to physicist Frank Tipler’s slightly out-there book The Physics of Immortality (as is the small painting Omega Pointer, also part of the Here Lies series, and on exhibition here).

Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 210 x 210 cm

Price:  POA