No Surrender

One of the most intense and impactful of the small bone fields, the fragments used here were selected for their very obvious hue, a haunting greenish colour. This is thought to derive from the metal copper, an occasional participant in the combustion process - a quite possibly mistaken idea that is echoed in the copper-hued oil paint to which the individual fragments are adhered.

By way of its title, we are alerted to a quality that runs right through Kieran’s work: defiance, or the negative. This is most clearly expressed in the founding gesture of the entire Here Lies project: Kieran’s refusal to exploit the remains for mere novelty’s sake. From the outset he was convinced there was another way - though he couldn’t know its twists and turns, and had to take even the possibility of a destination on faith.

Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 40 x 16 cm 

Price:  POA