No Lies Here

No Lies Here is the first canvas of the Here Lies series where Kieran’s oil paint mix is further enhanced by the inclusion of yet another mineral, in this case the crystalline, reflective mica. Once its use had been established, this became a feature in the vast majority of subsequent paintings, giving the colours where it is deployed an extra dimension of responsiveness to the light which falls upon them.

There are also extra dimensions to the paint in comparison with earlier work, as Kieran begins the slow evolutionary process of integrating his furnace waste with the structure of his painted surface. In being engineered so, these structures not only respond more intricately to light, but actually capture it in their voids - hence shadow itself becoming one of the more subtle ‘inclusions’ in Kieran’s extraordinary work.

The painting’s title seems counter to the project’s - a contradiction, if you like: Here Lies negated by its opposite. But maybe we are becoming more attuned to the artist’s purpose here, for on closer examination the contradiction is revealed to be more apparent than real. Here Lies, among its several layers of meaning, is a straightforward claim about reality: No Lies Here confirms that in this, and other of Kieran’s paintings, we may have found its negation.

Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 76 x 70 cm

Price:  POA