One of what the artist calls his most ‘prophetic’ canvases, Malefact (pronounced mal-eh-fakt, with three syllables) was completed just after This Is Not A Holocaust Memorial. It is distinguished from earlier Here Lies’ paintings by the fact that its bone content is effectively invisible, acting as hidden support for the skeined spirals of darkening paint coiling outward from the centre. As such it is the highest achievable integration of furnace waste and pigment, and one of the most fully realised paintings of the entire Here Lies series.

It is also one of the most mysterious and compelling, and a clear example of Kieran’s deployment of what have been termed ‘form constants’ in generating many of his remarkable compositions. For even without their characteristic inclusions, Here Lies’ paintings are not simply patterns or mere arrangements, but relate to phenomena that are somehow basic to visual perception, phenomena which also connect with near-death experiences, extreme states of consciousness, and divination.

Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 165 x 165 cm

Price: POA